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PROJECT DURATION 01.11.2019 to 30.10.2021 



Agenzia Veneta per L!innovazione nel settore Primaro (Italy)

Hrvatski drvni klaster - Croatia,
Grm Novo mesto - center biotehnike in turizma- Slovenia,
Forstliche Ausbildungsstätte Pichl der Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft in Steiermark - Austria,
Asociatia Nationala a Femeilor din Mediul Rural - Romania,
Association des Agences de la Démocratie Locale - France



FOREST replies to the fragmentation of competences in forestry management at national and international levels, by giving rise to debate around the possibility to create a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers and promoting innovation and professionalism by joint actions and initiatives. Debates will be channelled into three levels: technical concerning the contents of training programmes and skills required to forestry operators; legislative to harmonize authorizations to emit diploma and certificate; innovation and sustainability.



  • Map out, discuss and exchange knowhow about forest management, VET and standard of security
  • Promote the exchange of good practices and techniques with other European countries;
  • Improve the level of professionalism and competitiveness of forest workers at cross-border level;
  • Raise knowledge and safety standards of workers as well as the quality of their interventions.
  • Discuss the creation of a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers, valid across national borders.




Through 6 thematic transnational meetings, partners will be able to define a common strategy to harmonize training systems and recognition of competences, as well as to foster innovation and the introduction of sustainable tools. 5 focus themes will be discussed and deepen in the international meetings:

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Legislative process: comparison on the existing certifications and qualifications at EU level
  • Sustainability and Innovation - Focus on women inclusion on forestry sector

In addition, local activities will be carried out by each partners involving local stakeholders and focusing on:

  • Collecting information about existent certifications accepted and analysis of the state of the art in their regions/countries;
  • Reflecting with local stakeholders on how to introduce the technical and legislative harmonisations discussed with partners in the international events;
  • Capitalising results and put the basis for further collaborations. SHORT-TEM RESULTS



  • Dialogue and exchange between entities working in the forestry sector are set up
  • Debate on the challenges that the forestry sector is facing at national and European level;
  • Harmonization of forestry training programs at technical, legislative and sustainable level;
  • Improved opportunities to learn across national borders and to work together on joint projects aiming at promoting innovation, professionalism and mobility in the forestry sector;
  • Exchanging good practices and knowledge on technological tools and innovative practices to adopt in the forestry sector;
  • Improve public information about forest heritage and its importance in mitigating climate Change




  • Achievement of mutual recognition of skills and competencies in the forestry sector;
  • Knowledge transfer and facilitation of (cross-)sectorial and (trans)national collaboration is facilitated;
  • Increased capacity of the forest-based sector to respond to developments and innovation in various policy areas;
  • Realization and publication of a Manual gathering recommendations, new methods and approaches emerged from meetings.



  • Forest operators and private forest owners
  • Vet providers
  • Schools



A communication & dissemination plan will support the aims and objectives of the project, promote the activities and disseminate its results.

Web page: Italy Slovenia Romania Austria Croatia
Leaflet: Italy Slovenia Romania Austria Croatia
Facebook: Italy Slovenia Romania Austria Croatia
Newsletter#1: Italy Slovenia Romania Austria Croatia


Program: ERASMUS + KA2 VET 


Phone: +390498293888
Email: federico.correale@venetoagricoltura.org

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Email: nadia@aldaintranet.org